Dr. Dufresne
Head of the European2 Laboratories
What is Bypass2 SlimBall?

Bypass2 SlimBall was designed to replicate the same principle as the gastric balloon.

You obtain the exact same results, which means that you lose as much weight, without the trauma and dangers involved in a surgical procedure.

Bypass2 SlimBall is a biogranule that you take 15 minutes before eating and that swells up to 50 times its size in the stomach.

Within minutes, your stomach is full and you no longer feel hungry so that you hardly want anything to eat.

You eat less and you automatically lose weight.

What kind of results can I expect to see with Bypass2 SlimBall?

With Bypass2 SlimBall, you lose weight the very first day… beginning with your first meal. The average result is 2 pounds a day, or 14 pounds per week, but people who have quite a bit of weight to lose, lose more. I have seen people who have lost 53 pounds in 3 weeks.

Without feeling hungry or tired.

So what exactly is this substance that swells in the stomach like a gastric balloon?

Bypass2 SlimBall is essentially made from a natural fiber, which is 100% safe and side-effect free!

But if I eat less, won’t I risk becoming tired and anemic, or experience nutritional deficiencies?

You know, the only way to lose weight is to eat less and the gastric balloon is the only solution to physically block your appetite.

The huge advantage for Bypass2 SlimBall (besides avoiding an operation) is that Bypass2 SlimBall is literally stuffed with vitamins and trace elements that tone the entire organism.

You will lose an average of 2 pounds a day and you will be in greater shape than you have been for years.

If you have tests done at the beginning and at the end of your cure, you will see that the results are excellent and that you don’t have any nutritional deficiencies.

Doesn’t it harm the stomach?

Absolutely not! Actually, it is quite the opposite. The plant fiber of which the gastric balloon is composed is very light and does not create any bitter taste. It is digested naturally in 3 hours without creating a heavy feeling in your stomach. You will always feel light, your elimination will improve (thanks to the presence of fibers) and your cholesterol will lower.

How exactly does all of this work

In only one week, here is what you should notice: I assure you that with Bypass2 SlimBall, you will have lost 2 pounds a day, or an average of 15 pounds the first week.

You will never have felt hungry or stressed.

You sit down to a meal and eat whatever you like, even high-fat foods or sweets, as you wish!

However, you will notice that after one or two bites, you won't feel like eating any more.

The gastric balloon will have served its purpose: it entirely filled your stomach before you started eating and you feel completely full, like when you have just finished a sumptuous meal.

You will have lost weight everywhere, especially in the tummy area and on your thighs.

Bypass2 SlimBall is also enriched with a “fatburning” ingredient.

Not only do you eat very little (and therefore you lose weight) but what’s more, all the fat that you take in is eliminated before being assimilated and entering the bloodstream.

Your organism draws from the fat stored in your body to get energy. These reserves are stored in the fatty rolls on stomach and extra curves in your thighs.

This fat will be the first to disappear. Within a week, you should already have lost 1 1/2 inch around your waist, 2 1/2 inches around your hips and 1 inch around your thighs.

Will this really work for me? I have already tried everything and nothing has worked before…

In Europe, Bypass2 SlimBall has proven such great results, even in cases of severe obesity, that the gastric balloon without surgery has replaced digestive surgery in numerous specialized clinics.

In France, tests carried out on more than 134 people have shown the following results: 31 pounds lost on average during the 14-day cure and 80% of cellulite was reabsorbed. The satisfaction rate exceeded 97%.

Do the result last?

Yes! Absolutely, and it is easy to explain why:

When you have lost all your excess pounds (20, 40, 60 or even 90 pounds), you are thin, in great shape and you want to stay that way.

There is nothing simpler!

You can use Bypass2 SlimBall, for example, once a week and you will stay thin your entire life… a genuinely thin and healthy person!

Dr. Bleck J. Nutritionist

I have always been strongly opposed to gastric surgery, and as soon as I heard of the gastric balloon that didn’t require surgery, I strongly recommended it to my patients. The results have never let me down. Women usually lose between 12 and 14 pounds a week, without frustration, fatigue and nutritional deficiencies since the ingredients in Bypass2 SlimBall are particularly rich in vital elements.

Dr. Francois P. Medical Dietician

Eating less and maintaining a balanced diet is quite clearly the solution to permanent weight loss. However, for certain people, stress and anxiety prevent them from overcoming the irresistible desire to eat excessively and poorly. My advice to people with a tendency towards bulimia, without a doubt, is the Bypass2 SlimBall solution that helps them eat without feeling hungry, which is risk-free for their health and psychological well-being. Moreover, this solution helps prevent gaining the weight back, contrary to other diets and dangerous gastric surgery.